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How Netflix Deploys Open Source AI to Reveal Your Favorites

In this AI based Science article, we explore How Netflix adopted an Open Source Model to improve their Entertainment Recommender Systems . First, let us discuss in brief, what Machine Learning basically means. In simple terms, Machine Learning is a technique by which a computer can “learn” from data, without using a complex set of different rules. This approach is mainly based on training a model from datasets . The better the quality of the datasets, the better the accuracy of the Machine Learning Model. First, a quick look at Machine Learning and Deep Learning There are mainly three forms of Machine Learning: Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Reinforcement Learning Supervised learning is based on training on labeled datasets. Unsupervised learning uses unlabeled datasets. Reinforcement learning is based on rewarding an algorithm based on its correct outcomes and punishing it if it fails in the attempt. Above year interva

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